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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

MCB Tour Championship 2014 at Constance Legend Golf Course

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 - MCB Tour Championship 2014 at Constance Legend Golf Course

For those who love to be part as a spectator at a professional golf tournament, there is no better place to than the European Sr. Tour and especially the finals where everything comes together. On top of that no better place than on the Legend Course of Constance Hotels, as mentioned before a narrow and challenging course in a fantastic climate and ambience. Here you get to see the legends of professional golf who still are very active, experienced and are able to perform at the peak of stress. Most of them are also very approachable and even make the spectators part of the tournament, this gives you almost a family kind of feeling, very different, very nice!

Last December 2014, the finals were again extremely exciting up to the last moment. David Frost was initially together with Paul Wesselingh heading for the trophy and were teamed in the final round, but the Englishman Barry Lane was catching up very fast. Due to a few errors Paul Wesslingh made in the final holes he came equal to Barry Lane and ended up in a very long play-off, actually it equalled the longest play-off in the history of the European Sr. Tour done in 2008, it took them 6 holes to play before finally the winner was known, again Paul Wesslingh.
Paul Wesslingh is a very friendly professional golfer, a teaching club pro by profession until he wanted to fulfil his dream to play the European Sr. Tour. He managed to get a playing card for 2012, became in his first year Rookie of the Year, in 2013 next to winning the MCB Tour Championship in Mauritius he got the John Jacobs Trophy by winning four times and topping the Order or Merit, again in 2014 he managed to impress by ending 6th in the Order of Merit.
Another golf legend of the European Sr. Tour, Colin Montgomery started the tournament with a quote that he will win the MCB Tour Championship this time and will play a serious game. Unfortunately for the 8-times European Tour Order of Merit winner and 2010 European Ryder Cup Captain could deliver. He had to acknowledge he didn't feel well and felt tired on the last two days. He did have an extraordinary season by winning important tournaments collecting enough prize money to still go home with a trophy, the John Jacobs Trophy as he topped the Order of Merit for 2014!

You can only understand the warmth, emotions and excitement when you have personally witnessed a tournament like the MCB Tour Championship and can recommend every golf lover, even if you are not following the different golf tours in the world, just experience this yourself, you go home a happy golfer!

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